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The Flower Essence Podcast

Nov 21, 2022

Join us in an enchanting exploration of the Artemisia plants—Mugworts, Wormwoods, and Sagebrushes—as we share stories and experiences of working with the flower essences, herbal preparations, and strong energies of this unique subset of the Aster family. 🌙🌿🧙‍♀️💚🧚✨ 


Full show notes and...

Oct 17, 2022

Are you feeling weighed down by the energy of others, the constant bombardment of information, or the emotional drama and violence that pervades our media in these times? Mental stress and anxiousness are especially common during this time of year as the energy of the fall season is one of pulling in.

Kathleen and...

Sep 7, 2022

Ruth Toledo Altschuler joins us for our 50th show!

As a returning guest of the podcast and partner in the Flower Essence Conference, you'll most likely be familiar with the incredible depth of insight Ruth has in Flower Essence Therapy. She has been a practitioner and educator for over three decades, and has a...

Aug 8, 2022

We are absolutely thrilled to have Lindsay Fauntleroy as our guest this month!

Lindsay is an educator, acupuncturist, director of The Spirit Seed, and maker of Elementals Essences. 

Our conversation centered around the five element system as a process for understanding our own cycles, as well as where we...

Jul 5, 2022

This month we are joined by Sara Artemisia — a Flower Essence Practitioner, Plant Spirit Wisdom Teacher, and host of the Plant Spirit Podcast and the Plant Spirit Herbalism Summit. 
Our discussion is a rich exploration of soul purpose and the re-emergence of the divine feminine, with deep wisdom and...